kayaking ytd was fun:)
double kayak with claudy. hahahaa and there were ants(big ones that bite) at her side of the kayak! so she was screaming and fishing them out with her bailer half the time! damn funny.
anyways, we kayaked into the mangroves which was quite cool..and there were jumping/flying fish(didnt noe there were flying fish in sg) which somehow managed to jump into some kayaks! hahaha so there was lots of screaming for awhile, until the brave guys helped to fish them out of the kayak. hahaa and apparently Edwin found a lizard in his kayak!! eww! hehh we only managed to get it out while we were washing the kayaks..so how he managed to kayak with the lizard, i really dont know! *shudders*
hahaa oh, during our lunch break, claudy couldnt stand(or sit) the ants anymore, so we decided to capsize the kayak! so we came out of ours and went to sit on top of other kayaks:) haaa interesting experience.
oh and apparently some odacians saw a croc!

yupp, so it was a very animal-ish kayaking experience:D

random: i seem to have really weird, random cravings when im sick eh…hahahaa


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