west coast park on friday, pitched tents on the muddy ground. but i ended up sleeping on the cycling/walking road with the sentry ppl! freaking cold. only managed to slp for an hr..haa
yuck and i was in the kayak(one of the stations) during the whole adventure race we organised for the campers, got sunburnt as usual:( hahaa almost fell aslp in the kayak while waiting for the groups though:P anyway, the rain came just as the last group was kayaking back, got caught in it..heh lucky no lightning yet.
night cycling was kinda okay..if only we didnt have to keep getting off the bike:(
slept on the bench outside mph last night, but it got too cold in the morning, so i scooted off into the mph.
hahaa oh and this morning’s finale was epic! who knew odac guys could look so “pretty” dressed up as girls!! hahahahaa:D

anyway, some random stuff,

think im gonna get a cold soon:( sians

malaysia this coming wkend:D

i miss church girlsD:


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