went to sch ytd morning to celebrate Christina’s birthday!

n i got booked for being “late” -.-
security guard: girl, why are you late?
me: uhmm, i dont have any lessons…
security guard: no! it doesnt matter whether you have lessons! you still must attend morning assembly!
me: oh..okay

lols! k anyway, celebrated her birthday outside e mph..n managed to surprise her! Brendon ‘surprised’ all of us with his awesome cake-cutting skills too…HAHA!
k im sure you’ve seen a pretty fruit cake..
this is what that pretty fruit cake looked like after Brendon “cut” it:


anyway, after that, i went to crash econs lecture, geog lecture, lit tutorial n maths tutorial! hehh..
oh n e audi blacked out during econs lect! damn cool..everyone took out their hps for light..
kk, im gonna watch together last ep..and then prepare for e scholars orientation!

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