had a realllyyy busy weekend, there was the George Mueller musical which ran 4 shows from friday to sunday, and there was also my uncle’s funeral.

first, the musical. it was REALLY great! Good job to all the cast and crew:D
hmm, watching this musical has kinda helped me in my christian faith alot. there’ve been many many times in the past where i’ve questioned the existence of God. as in, it’s been difficult to believe that there’s a God out there, looking down at us, and listening to us when we pray to Him. but watching this musical and reading about the life of George Mueller has erased that doubt completely. so many times has he received food donations from people just in time to feed the orphans. one such event was acted out in the musical, where the children prayed and gave thanks for the (non-existent) food during breakfast, and then minutes after, the baker came and gave them bread to eat! it’s just difficult to believe that this can be coincidence, so it must be God’s doing!
anyway, although it’s been tiring ushering for all 4 shows, but im glad i did, cos everytime i watch the show, i learn something new:)

second, my uncle passed away last thursday morning. i wasnt close to him at all, and we probably only meet once a yr every CNY. anyway, my uncle lost his sight years ago, and recently (in december), it was found that he had a brain tumour. he subsequently lost his hearing cos of the tumour. but despite all these setbacks, he still had so much faith in the Lord. sometimes i wonder how people who are suffering so much can still have faith. i mean, not being able to see or hear must be really terrible, and you’ll feel so alone and afraid. But hearing all the testimonies during his funeral service, he’s really a man of faith! He continued praying for his family and friends and church ppl before he passed away. (okay i know im really bad at expressing myself, but im trying!!).

anyway, this 2 particular events have really changed (or rather, strengthened) my faith in God, and im still kinda feeling overwhelmed by all that has happened so far! hahaha


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