went on a diving trip to tioman over the weekend, did my advanced open water course there as well:D
anyway, we took a chartered bus from sg to mersing on fri night, and then took a horrible, wet, boat ride to tioman.
saturday we did 5 dives. 2 dives in the morning, 1 after lunch, and 2 night dives after dinner. we were supposed to do shore dives in the morning i think, but cos it was raining for most of fri, the beach was kinda disgusting. didnt get to see much during these dives too(but at least it was ALOT better than hantu, where you couldnt see past your hand), only saw alot alot of sea urchins and pretty corals and a few fish i think.
sunday morning we did another 2 dives – deep dive and drift dive. the drift dive was awesome! it was like the moment you jump in the water, you’re surrounded by (okay lah, not surrounded, they dont really swim at the surface of the water, but they’re all like probably only a metre below you) schools of fish! anyway when we went down, we saw pufferfish, a school of barracudas, many nemos(clownfish) and dorys(the finding nemo dory, not the real dory) and alot of other fishes!

anyway, i wanna dive with dolphins and seals one day!! i WILL fulfill this wish ONE DAY! i know it could be years and years later before this wish can be realised, but i WILL DO IT! 😀


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