oopss, was watching SNSDs hello baby (okay i noe im very slow cos that show was damn long ago), didnt realise its alrdy 2am. shucks.

nx few days are gonna be damn busy and tiring! gtg work later, to pack up all e stuff that we’re bringing to pan pac for the conference. and then tmr’s the pre-conf tour..monday i’ll be at pan pac, then gtg np in the evening for orientation till wednesday! gosh..nd to slp! haha!

ytd nite worked till damn late..printed the name badges, and slotted them into the lanyards. only left office at 1.30am. and i suan4 early alrdy! the rest were still there working when i left!

i was a zombie in church todayyyy. but we had captainsball after good friday service! haha! i got hit on my head less than 5mins into the game! but luckily the ball wasnt very hard, so it wasnt pain. lols.

okay im gonna go slp. nites!


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