Adidas Sundown on saturday! hahaa fun, but tiring. spent the whole night shouting and cheering on the runners:D
was with YY standing outside the National Sailing Club. some of the runners were damn cool, and funny and cute too! 1 of them stopped to take a picture with us, a couple of them hi-5ed us, and some of them told us to run with them! hahaaa lols. oh and there was this guy who only had one arm, he was running the ultra marathon (84km)! and apparently there was this guy with a prosthetic leg running too, but i didnt see. these runners inspire me:D

oh and then there were medics and policemen who were based with us, hahaa they were damn funny! this female medic cheered for us(me and YY) as we cheered for the runners! and then they ordered macs in the middle of the night, and bought us 100plus! so nice rite!

haa anyway, by 3plus, when all the runners had run past us, YY and i slept on the road till like 6plus when they removed the roadblock. and then we walked to HQ and slept some more.

went for XiXian’s dancenight in the afternn after Sundown. omg i was damn sleepy. my eyes were half-closed half the time, except for when XiXian performed of course! took alot of pics, but i looked damn tired in all of them:(

came home, and then concussed at like 8pm…

had a headache this morning, so decided not to go sch. went to visit Jason at CGH and then went to see doctor. and now im super drowsy cos of the medicine:(


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