lol havent posted in months! just seems that with facebook and twitter, there wasnt a need to post on this blog anymore haha! but oh wells..

many things have happened since Adidas Sundown in May…so lets see,

during term break, we went to malaysia for family holiday! hmm we did white water rafting again, and we went caving:D oh and then few weeks later, gor, elaine and i went to malaysia for my first adventure race! it started out fine, and then it rained, and the ground turned to mud…scary stuff..hahaa

oh and jie got married (no not again, this year was the chinese tea ceremony thing and the wedding dinner). i got through my speech fine though it was super last minute cos i forgot what i wrote on my macbook!

im braces-free now! just have retainers which make me speak really oddly…hahaa supposed to wear them all the time except when i eat or brush my teeth…but its too damn troublesome to keep taking them off and putting them back on, so now i only wear it at night:P

played paintball with ODAC last saturday! miraculously i didnt get hit by the ball (okay that was prob cos i was hiding 80% of the time..haha)

and this week’s the last week of school!!! but we’ve got 3 assignments due this friday:( cant wait for friday 5pm!

hmm my plans for this hols:
– volunteering for YOG
– work!
– learn driving!! 😀

yay kay that’s all! till next time!


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