Malaysia trip with some ODAC ppl. it was a break i was looking forward to after all that happened last wk. and yet, i also wasnt exactly really looking forward to it cos R was gonna be there, and i still havent been able to get completely over him yet, even though i’ve been telling everyone else otherwise. imagine sleeping and waking up and finding him next to you, his face just inches from yours. imagine watching movies together, and him just laying his head on your stomach, using you as a pillow, like he had every right to do it. now how the hell am i able to forget you like that.

at least i probably wont be seeing you for the next couple of weeks since i’ll be busy with sch and you’ll be busy relief teaching at AJ. hopefully i’ll be able to forget and get over you by then.


and yeah, during pockets of time where i wasnt doing anything, my mind kept wondering back to what happened, the words you said, and the stupid excuses you gave. all i wanted during the trip was to not think about what happened last wk, but yet i still did. bloody hell.


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