went to sch to finish up locvid AP. talked with her..more like argued cos she bloody didnt see how she was wrong. found the reason why she made me wait more than an hr last wk. her reason? she needed time-off for herself! yeah. so the night before, she planned to be late cos she needed time-off. i told her in the morning that we’d meet later since i woke up late anyway. so that gave her from 10am to 1pm to have her “time-off”. and in e end she was STILL late. for more than an hour. and you know what she was doing during her “time-off”??? watching shows! fucking hell. i’ll never forgive her for that.

at first i wasnt angry with her cos she made me wait. making me wait was just the trigger. but now im just damn angry and pissed and upset cos of this incident!

wtf. you DO NOT make your friend wait for you for more than an hour cos you needed time-off to watch your fucking show.


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