Photo of the Day – January 16, 2011

yepp, so after a week of deliberating, finally decided to get baptised:)
waited this long cos i wanted to be really sure of my heart, and make sure that i wasnt doing this because the Clement/Olivia/Carol did it the last time round.
anyway, so last week i was reading the church bulletin, and saw the page where they were asking people to get baptised..and suddenly i just had this feeling, that it was time..i know it sounds weird, like what feeling, but at that time i just felt that God was speaking really strongly to me! and so the whole week, i’ve been praying and thinking during my QT.
This past few weeks, i’ve also been thinking about my life alot and what i’ve been doing with it. realised that the past few years, i’ve been neglecting God a whole lot, only thinking about him on Sundays, or during times of need. I even put off doing QT cos i was too lazy.
and then last week, it dawned on me how, even though i neglected God, he didnt give up on me. not at all. I saw how he has worked in my life, making me go through setbacks and turning circles to bring me to where i am today.

2009: the year i had to make a major decision, JC or Poly. ‘O’ level results came out and it wasnt good enough to get into the better JCs. so i was debating between going to a not-so-good JC and the Psychology course in TP. the JAE system put me into TP Psychology. but as luck would have it, my godmother helped me to get into AJC (which was my top JC choice), and so i spent 2009 in AJ. there i made 1 or 2 good friends in class, but what i really thank God for are the ODACians. this group of ppl who have been with me, through many ups and downs of JC. they made AJ all the more fun when my studies were getting stressful. because of them, i looked forward to school every Wednesdays(or whenever we had CCA). through ODAC, i was also able to go out and explore the wonders of God’s creations, beautiful sceneries while trekking, natural rock walls at bukit timah, and the best yet, the diving in the ocean/sea where its just so beathtakingly beautiful. But at the end of 2009, when i failed my promos (cos i was having too much fun), and again when i failed the retest, i realised that i had to make another major decision in my life, whether to stay in AJ and retain another year, or to just transfer to a Poly. 
2010: i weighed my options, and realised that, the only reason i wanted to stay in AJ was cos of my ODAC friends there, which didnt make sense because they would leave after their ‘A’ levels. and then char told me that she had a friend who needed help at her company urgently. so i decided to leave JC and work while waiting for poly. and because of this job, i also realised that Psychology may not be what i want after all. since it is quite a textbook-based subject, i may not be able to do well it in even though i was interested. and so char (or rather God) opened up a new option for me: Mass Communication (which is also what she did when she was in Poly), and i realised that perhaps this course suited me more. and so i started work with Janice at Xperiential Event. i learnt quite alot here, like the organising of a somewhat major event, all the work that goes into it. all these were kind of relevant to Mass Comm too! April, school started and i was worried cos i thought all my classmates would be a year younger than me, and i worried about what they would think of me. but of course these worries were all needless as i have a great group of supportive friends now! and we even have a psychology module, so my wish to do psychology was kind of granted too:) but of course, i didnt really do well in it since i didnt like studying! and then i also think about how lucky i am that God has done all this work in my life, because if it werent for God’s hand in my life, i might have been a struggling year 2 psychologist student in TP now, not enjoying my course at all! 

so yup, 15 May will be my baptism:D


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