My day just kept getting worse today lol.
First i had a nightmare that char lost/didnt want to give me my mc for idea jumpstart! and so i had to be debarred! freaking nightmare i tell you! and it even happened on my birthday!
Then, 7+am, mummy came into the room and was being super angry and uptight cos we couldnt find the internet i had to go around searching for it (we later found it in a plastic bag in e drawer)
Third, went for dental, receptionist blackface me when i told her i’d pay nx wk! and then when i went to e mrt, i realised i had no more money in my card! so had to cab to sch, and tjy paid for me!
Fourth, Idea jumpstart teacher super naggy n irrititating today. she ended early today, arnd 2.20..but she insisted on meeting each group individually..and she took damn long for each group! and my grp so suay, last one! so in e end from early also become late for S&W lor…
Then after that, while changing, Ame accidentally lifted up my shirt so e whole world cld see my bra lol! k lah, only TJY saw i think so it wasnt that bad, just really hilarious!
Then TJY gave us this jellybean thing..and i ate canned dog food-flavoured jellybean! damn gross!! like really really damn gross! smell damn disgusting too! after that i made danica eat one too lol!


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