was thinking about the whole me-and-debby-issue again in e bus today (yes i do tend to harp on issues for a long time)
anyway, as i thought about what happened after, and what things have become today, and also thought about what happened last yr between me and shir, i realised something else about myself..

no matter what happened, or how angry i was, or whether i was the instigator or victim, whether or not our relationship becomes better or worse, depends entirely on the other party..if the other person is willing to let go and put in behind him/her, i’ll be fine too..

like how i thought i’d never ever be able to forgive debby for what she did, but after that, when she started putting the whole thing behind her, then was i able to do it as well.

with was..well kinda different, which is perhaps why we’re still not exactly talking today…

still hating animal-abusers


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