wednesday was supposed to be my off+rest day, but in e end didnt even get to rest at all:( woke up at 6 for driving lesson at 7! learned parking that day, hahaa quite fun, n i didnt stall e engine at all^^ miracle! then after that went to xx’s house to swim w val n deb! took many many pictures! got a lil burnt also! hahahaa n i refused to let my hair touch e swimming pool water, until like e last 10mins or so when they wanted to take underwater pictures! after that went to eat island creamery! yumss!! and then went home, slept awhile, woke up, then went to changi point to meet e odacians! e 7 of us went there to kaypoh kaypoh e j1s n j2s n see how they were doing lol! we slept at this little “hut” at changi point, few metres away from e j1j2s campsite. stupid cat, kept coming up to disturb us!
thursday morning we woke up, j1s went for their pt, but just as they were coming back, it started raining damn heavily lol. we had to tie groundsheets arnd e pillars of a small hut to form a “wall” to stop e rain from coming in! anw so we waited for rain to stop, then e 7 of us went to e changi market to eat breakfast before leaving for ubin first while e j1j2s packed up lol! started raining again when we reached ubin, so we had to build shelters arnd another hut near our campsite. and then in e afternn e j1j2s had some amazing race thing, while e 7 of us sat down there playing cards! at night we had to go to e jetty to sleep, cos the only groundsheet left was damn wet cos of e rain! but i dun regret! cos i saw shooting star:D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 damn pretty~ but i forgot to make a wish:(
lol anw so we slept at e jetty, and didnt even wake up for e j1j2s night walk lol! all too deep in sleep!
left ubin early next morning n went to eat breakfast at changi market again! heheee my tissue prata so yums:D

just came back from ame’s birthday bbq! i smell like bbq now!
oh anw, gg USS w poly friends for my birthday, few days earlier luh but same same^^! cant wait!
hehee thursday14th for poly friends, friday15th for church friends, saturday16th for ODAC, sunday17th for family:D 😀 yayyyy sounds like e most fun n most happening bday i’ve had:D few more weeks:D


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