im kinda scared..something’s wrong with me but i dont know what..dont even noe if its something to make a fuss about..and i cant even rmb when it started, though it feels like its been haunting me since forever…

you see, i’ve been getting hallucinations night after night when im alone. only when im alone. which sucks.  i dont know how to describe the feeling..but its the moment when im drifting off to sleep..but i noe when the hallucinations are coming..i get this really really scared feeling inside..n then i cannot move at all. and thats when the hallucinations come. i’d even hear music too..or people talking..but i cant hear what they’re saying..on good days, this is all that happens, and i dont see anything. the worse is when i see someone standing at the corner of the room (n when i “wake up” i realise its just the fan), or when the poster next to my bed suddenly looks damn creepy or even starts moving, or when i feel the bear im holding move. and i try so hard to move my body but i cant. and there’s no one around me. feel so alone. i used to bring my whole mattress to mummy/daddy’s room when it first happened, then i didnt want them to start worrying when it happened too often so i stopped doing that. so now when it happens, i cant do anything except lie in bed, hoping it’d stop. but it can go on for very long on some nights. like it’d happen, and then i’d “wake up”, and then it’d happen again, and the whole cycle repeats..

really dont know what to do. is it some medical condition?? but im too afraid to tell anyone..they might think im crazy..i tried hinting and asking my family once, but that was the period where i felt like i couldnt move, and i havent had had the hallucinations yet. so my brother just said it was probably sleep paralysis. can this be cured??? im really really afraid of sleeping on my own now. .


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