woo! i did it:D was finally baptised today!

hmm for some reason, was damn awake last night..couldnt sleep..and it wasnt cos of nervousness..hmm..anyway, so woke up this morning on time, but in the end was late for briefing haha!

dan tjy n nana couldnt come in e end which was a real huge disappointment sigh.. D: but anyway, claud jason jolly richard cas n fel came:D

anw, so was late for briefing n all, but managed to reach n robe up in time:)

was damn super nervous up till i was actually baptised! hahahaa dont even noe what i was nervous for!
had my first holy communion after that too! hahaha think it was cos i didnt eat breakfast, so after i drank that teeny bit of wine i actually felt woozy! so went to get water from val lol!

stayed for abit of youth and then went for facial:D yayy aunty says my face’s improving:D


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