2 assignments due this friday, n radio test on thursday. f just kill me now. even though deadline is so near, but i havent even started anything. feel like im just screwing up my life. really no mood to do any work at all and i dont know why. its not like i have anything to be depressed about, but i just feel…depressed. every single day i just wish a car would knock me down or smth. just so i can escape from all this. really wish i could drop out of sch. why are certs so damn important to everyone. seriously, i dont give a damn whether i have a diploma. n to think that after im done with this, there’s still uni..hate it. really hate sch.

and its not like i can talk to anyone without worrying them. sch ppl have enough to worry abt themselves and others friends alrdy.

fucking stressed but i dont know over what. its not like im doing any work..

just let me die alrdy. damn tired of living. everyday i have to put on a smile even though im feeling so damn shitty.

dont care if i die. just afraid of what would happen after that. if i die, will i go to heaven? if i dont die, i’d still have to wake up n face the consequences. and that’s the only thing keeping me from doing something stupid.


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