seems like at times like this, it’s only here that i can really turn to..

so much has happened the past few days and im really feeling so exhausted and tired from it all..
he likes me, i kind of like him..but i have no idea whether i like him or i just like the nice feelings he gives me…but anw we’re too different for each other and would never work out. i thought we would be able to work things out but after thinking alot about it, i guess not. 
sat at the playground for damn long last night thinking abt how i should tell him..and finally plucked enough courage to do so. but he was so nice about it he was trying to comfort me even though he could have hated me. and that’s what makes it worse. 
every thing he says just makes me feel even more shitty that i did this to him. 
if only i could turn back time, i wouldnt let things come to this. wouldnt have accepted this job, wouldnt have entered his life, wouldnt have hurt him..

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