Reflections part 2

Finally, the semester has come to an end..well almost, anyway, for there are still 2 exam papers to get over with.

The first half of the semester was rather..excruciating, boring and miserable..mainly because I was in a different class from most of my friends. The only 2 people who I knew and got along with, 1 of them deferred for a semester, and the other one…went off with another group of friends. So I was pretty much friendless for awhile.

Then came the second half..and this is where I feel really ashamed of myself. The girl who my friends and I had always kind of made fun of, well, she made the first move and invited me to join her and her group of friends! She probably saw how lonely I was..and I’m really thankful for her kindness.

Of course, I still missed my old group of friends, but this new group made me feel welcomed even though they had probably already settled comfortably into their clique..

I promise never to make fun of people whom I do not know from now on, because, these people are often misunderstood, and can be very good friends once you get to know them:)

And so, thank you, Anna, Chelsea, Grace, Rajes and Jolene, for accepting me into your group.
And Tjy, Nana, Dan, Ame, Lauren, I still love you guys ❤



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