It’s 종현~

Hahahaha why is my Jjong so cute ❤
[Translations] SHINee’s Jonghyun was mentioned by CN Blue’s Jonghyun in Elle Girl July 2012 Issue
Elle Girl: Very close with same age singer SHINee’s Jonghyun right? We saw the recent Diablo 3 incident on twitter. Haha~ 
Jonghyun: Ah, I’m really. (Not sure if the memory of the incident causes him to burst out into laughter and used his hand to support his forehead.) My manager contacted me the day before my birthday and told me Jonghyun tweeted something which was very funny. So I called Jonghyun and he said he has already gotten me “Diablo 3” because it’s my birthday and will pass it to me tomorrow. I thought it’s for real and even thanked him and told him been very busy recently and have stopped gaming recently in order not to interfere with work. You even got me one as a gift, what should I do. In the end, when I opened it, it turned out to be glutinous rice pie. (Elle Girl: The inside of the wrapper is Jonghyun’s poster right?) Yes. I questioned him whether he’s joking with me and crushed the wrapper and found out in the end it’s his poster. However he said he really bought it and gave it to me via online purchase.
Elle Girl: Are you guys close because you have the same name?
Jonghyun: Come to think of it, that is indeed the main reason. However, I found out later that he’s a friend of my friend. We have indeed bumped into each other during schedules but not really close. Then my friend called and asked whether we are close. I feared that the cat will be out of the bag if I replied we are close so I replied “Not very close”. Jonghyun called immediately, “Yah, we are not close?” I said, “Oh, we are close.” Then he replied, “No, we are not close at all.” A really interesting and funny friend whom likes to joke around, always singing earnestly right. We became close when we chatted about music because he was in a band before.
Chinese translation: yoyoyuan, English translation: eimanjjong
Repost by _almightyblings

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