Shameless Bitch..

yeah..i’m still damn angry over the fact that some ahlian xmm called me a shameless bitch. yah i’m a shamless bitch for believing your liar bf.

but you know what? if he’s really your bf, and it upset you so much that he and i have been talking, then why didnt you talk to him abt it first? instead of coming head on at me, accusing me of being something i am not..

and if he is telling me the truth, and you two have really already broke up, haha, then who’s the bitch now? logging into your ex bf’s acc to scold an innocent person..yeah i’m sure you’re very high and mighty..not a bitch at all. yup.

and know what? stop . fucking. talking . like . that . . . damn annoying. you need to go back to primary sch and learn how to punctuate properly. there is no space between the last letter of the sentence and the fullstop..

lololl k enough ranting. time to sleep. it’s been such a long, tiring and upsetting day..


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