after poly

Sigh what am I going to do?? University? I don’t really want to continue studying anymore, but then again, I don’t think I’m ready for the working world yet :/

If I do decide to go to Uni, where do I go? Where can I go? I know I definitely do not want to study uni in Singapore..and it’s not like my grades can make it into the unis in SG…maybe SIM but I don’t want to study in SIM either..

Went with some friends to the Australia uni fair few weeks back. Applied for 2 unis that are apparently well known for the comms degree – Melbourne uni and RMIT. I kinda want Melbourne uni, but my fifth sem results didn’t meet the minimum GPA required for Melbourne U..RMIT should be easier to get in, lower GPA..but then SG has an RMIT SIM. Sister and brother telling me not to waste money to study RMIT in Aussie when we have it in SG..but I really don’t want to study at SIM.
Everyone’s talking about how they’re teaching style in SIM is really bad and they don’t really care about their students and everything…

Besides, I really want to study overseas because I know this will be my last chance. It’s not like I will be able to do it anymore after Uni, and it’s not like I will every emigrate out of SG. I feel like it’s the last chance, last shot I have to force myself to become independent, to stop depending on my parents for everything. Living by myself might finally force me to actually grow up and become more mature..I hope.

Guess we’ll just have to see how..if I manage to pull up my grades this last semester, maybe I’ll be able to have another shot at applying for Melbourne U..but then again, also have to think about the family’s financial situation..hopefully parents will be able to put together enough money:/

Will just have to keep praying about it I guess..


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