Today was the Shinee World Concert 2 in SG!! woke up at 6am (supposed to wake at 5 though lol) and got ready..reached Indoor stadium at abt 8am. Met Jinghui and then we went to find the queue. We only found the merchandise queue ㅠ.ㅠ found the queue awhile later but it was the unofficial queue..so we decided to wait around for the official queue to start instead of joining the unofficial one (during the smtown concert, they did not recognize the unofficial queue that the fans started, so i assumed they would do the same this time..) but no…at abt 9, security told us the official queue was there -.- so we went and queued..and were quite behind 😦 after security settled the queue, we waited till 11plus for wrist tagging to start. After wrist tagging, we could go and eat. Ate hokkien mee! hokkien mee at Kallang koufu is really good btw^^. So after we finished eating, we went back to the queue..and it was so bloody hot D:. so we went to walk about, and found this nice platform where there was wind! Waited around till 4plus when they let us in to the moshpit.

Omg. the moshpit…the next time i get into a moshpit, i swear i’m gonna do all i can to get to the very front. That’s the only place that’s worth spending all the money. Standing row 3 and back really cannot see shit one 😦 especially with all the inconsiderate ppl who have damn big fanboards…i did a Jjong fanboard last night, it was just a little smaller than A3 size, and i didnt even get to use it 😦 cos i felt bad for blocking ppl behind me if i were to take it out. sorry Jjong:'( i wish i could’ve screamed louder for you. and we were really like sardines omg. i was just getting pushed along all the time..

Okay enough about that, on to the exciting part, the concert itself!!! gonna do this in chronological order:
At 6pm, the crowd started getting restless and we started chanting “Shinee! Shinee!” repeatedly. Everytime the background music changed song, the crowd would assume the concert was starting and would start screaming. Of course, most of the time it was a false alarm:(
About 6.15pm the lights dimmed, and the concert started!
Get Down: Don’t really rmb much about this performance i’m sorry:( i was just in a daze and getting goosebumps cos it was finally starting!!!
Lucifer: omg this song. the fanchants were awesome:D Jonghyun’s high note was <3333
Amigo/Juliette/Shinee World: grouped these songs together cos all i rmb was shouting fanchants and trying to keep my eyes on Jonghyun whenever I could lol! Taemin came to our side a lot
Always Love: I cannot even begin to say how ABSOLUTELY CUTE this song is!!!!! backup dancers were dressed in tribal clothes, and the dance was so so sooooo cute lol!!!! the dancers tied jjong, onew, taemin and key’s hands together (loosely) with rope. then minho came in hanging upside down on a wooden pole carried by 2 dancers, Jack Sparrow style (if you rmb the scene in pirates of the carribean lol) except that minho’s hands werent tied to the pole lah).
Hello: they were dancing on this platform that was raised high on the main stage. the background effects were pretty cool, although i was quite worried about them dancing so high.
Replay: nuff said. This song is the best.
Turn up the Music (Minho’s solo): did i mention how hot Minho is?? although i quite prefer the solo stage that he performed last year! OMG by usher.
I wont give up/Passionate Goodbye (Onew’s solo): hello onew!!! this is why you’re making it so hard for me to have a second bias!!!! his stage was so cute! I wont give up was nicely sung, love his voice<3. and then suddenly the music changed and he looked lost hahaa (part of the act). and he started dancing and singing Passionate Goodbye! so cute!
Get up (Taemin’s solo): okay i must admit, i wasnt paying much attention to his performance cos i thought this was the one where Jonghyun was gonna appear topless! i’m sorry Taem 😦
Hair/Judas (Key’s solo): Key is a really great performer hahaa but i was still thinking of Jonghyun and wondering why he didnt appear O.O
Internet Wars (Jonghyun feat Taemin): okay this. this is the song i’ve been waiting for!!!! JONGHYUN! TOPLESS!!! HIS ABS. HIS BODY. FLAWLESS. and he looked so crazy and rockish headbanging and headshaking to the music lolol!!! it was like he was possessed. and the red light made it even more like he was.
Seesaw: another new song! couldnt really see this one cos they were on the main stage and i was being blocked:( nice song though, is the korean one out alrdy?? i’m really sorry i’ve been so busy i cant even keep up with their news :'(. i think it was also in this song that they threw the paper money with their faces on it hahaha!! AND I MANAGED TO GET ONE!!! it was a Key paper money though..couldnt get Jjong’s..dont think he threw it at our area 😦 why. WHY.
Sherlock: another song that i’ve been waiting for them to perform! the choreography is flawless hahaha! oh and at the ending, when key and taemin were facing each other, taem started laughing, and key was laughing at/with him. idk why! someone tell me why!! (Edit: was reading another fanaccount, apparently it was cos taem accidentally hit key’s crotch area when he was turning back to face key at the end lol!)
Love like Oxygen: sanseogateun neo~~~ love this song. they were on the rotating stage thing again. wish they wouldnt keep using that rotating stage, it looked so…idk unstable when they were jumping on it.
The Reason: another song that i wanted to hear live since i heard it! possibly one of my favourite songs from the Sherlock album!! their voices and harmony was to die for <33
Amazing Grace: this was the last song i would have expected them to sing honestly hahaha. but onew and jonghyun did really great on this one!!!! the annoying minho fans next to me kept shouting at minho to look at their direction WHEN JONGHYUN WAS SINGING WTF! so rude. lucky minho didnt listen to them/didnt hear them. stupid fans.
Hyeya (Jjong’s solo): omg. omg. omg. ever since i first saw the concert setlist and realised this song was on it, it’s all i’ve been able to think about!!! the song, and jjong-ie’s voice was amazing. it was great. it was more than great. it was flawless. halfway through the song, there was a gunshot and the song stopped. and when they lights came back on again, jjong was kneeling on the floor with fake blood on his shirt D’: noooooooooooooo! he finished the song and lay on the floor. a backup dancer came to “carry” him backstage.
Tie a Yellow Ribbon: the VCR for this song was really cute lol! and it was also one of our fanprojects! everyone had a yellow ribbon that we pinned to our heads when the song came on. SHINee boys didnt say anything though, dk if they realised what we did:(
A-yo: think this is one of my all time favourite shinee songs! they were all so cute and there was a lot of interaction between all the members!! and Jonghyun’s grunt!! not sure if it was in this song or in another one that he grunted lol! think it was this one.
JoJo: another one of my favourites. aiyah all their songs also my favourite lah. how to choose.
Stranger: FINALLY! i saw them doing the twirling choreography!! hahahaa! so cute really!!!! i love this song too!
Ready or Not: the boys, spinning around on stage? what could be better.
Ring Ding Dong: what i liked about this concert, was that even though there were a lot of songs that were the same as last year, the remixes were different! so even though they performed a remix again, it was a different remix! and both were awesome
To Your Heart: i honestly haven’t heard this song before…is it one of their new jap songs?
Lucifer: another short remix!
VCR – it was about their thoughts to us, them thanking us for supporting them all these years. it was so emotional!!! i think minho was tearing. onew was wiping his tears. or maybe it was his sweat. idk!
The Name I Loved: i cant even explain what i was feeling then. when they started singing the chorus, i just started crying. it was that beautiful. fanproject part 2. we held up a banner telling them that we will always love and support them forever (i think that’s what it says lol)
Stand by Me: i forgot they were gonna sing this song as their encore so it was a pleasant surprise:D i think someone threw a book on stage for them? or maybe he brought the book himself lol. so in the middle of the performance jjong just stood there reading the book and refused to sing hahaha. one of the members wanted to take the book from him to see, but he smacked them away lol!
Bodyguard: they threw the coloured balls again!!! i didnt get one..again.. 😦 next year. i swear i’ll catch one next year.
One: last song for the night 😦 i wanted to cry again. i didnt want it to end.

fans threw hats and stuffed toys onto the stage for the boys. jonghyun picked up a black hat with (i suddenly forgot what was on the hat) and a googly eye spectacles and wore them! cute max!!! he also had a stuffed toy dog that looked like Roo! he first put toy Roo hanging on the front of his shirt. then he took it out and put it on his right shoulder. it almost fell off, so he put it on his left shoulder and it stayed there <3. onew had a toy (ikea?) snake wrapped around his neck, taem went over and kissed the snake!
somewhere at the end, jonghyun’s hat and specs changed to this ginormous mcdonalds french fry head thing! it was damn adorbs!!!!!! COMMERE I WANNA EAT YOUUU!

the boys talked to us, said their goodbyes. Onew said “thanks for being my life” or smth like that!!! so sweet!!! Jonghyun told us something and the translator translated it as “this is the last concert in singapore” !!! we were all shocked! key corrected her and said “this is the last concert of the year!” we were all so relieved!!! COME BACK AGAIN PLEASE!!! CHAEBALLL!!!!

we also sang birthday song for onew and minho, and gave them a cake! jonghyun (or key?) wanted to take a group shot of everyone since it was their last concert for the year. after taking the picture, jonghyun and key (i think, or was it taemin?) lifted the 2 cakes and wanted to smash onew and minho’s face lol! but they missed and the cake fell! jonghyun then took like a big handful of cake and chased after minho. he succeeded in smearing minho’s face with cake lol! either key or taem did the same to onew too hahaha sorry i didnt see, was only looking at jonghyun! minho then said in korean: “i got cake up my nose and i cant get it out!!!” hahahahha cutest thing ever!!

Minho did a heart with his hands over his head before he left the stadium

all 5 of them were in a really good mood today:D even smiling already during the first song! so nice to see jonghyun so happy:D

I MISS MY BOYS SO MUCH ❤ COME BACK AGAIN SOON KAY! okay lah not so soon please i dont have money alrdy.


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