New beginnings..






Have decided to move here from Blogspot. Mostly because that blog is dead. And also because I privatised it since I realised my posts were very depressing and not stuff that I wanted people to see. Okay lah actually it’s because I was supposed to start up a blog to document one of my modules in school and I kinda got carried usual. LOL. but I promise to be more active here!


Today is exactly 2 months since I’ve been in Melbourne. It’s been quite an experience so far and I’m really glad that I came. Of course, there are frequent times where I miss my family and friends and life back in Singapore, but I’m just really thankful that I’m not alone here:) It’s quite hard to adjust to a totally new country and it’s also hard to make new friends (especially for someone like me)..but I guess I still have the whole of next year haha. 

Okay think it’s time to concentrate on my essay lol. Bye~



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