Eat-a-lot Fridays

Fridays are our (Tjy and me) walk around Melbourne city and eat-a-lot days:)

We had lunch at Creperie le Triskel and the crepes there are omggggggg sooo good!!! We both ordered a sweet crepe each, and one savoury crepe to share. I had a salted caramel with banana and vanilla ice cream crepe (below) and it was so damn good :Q i’d totally go back for more!! Tjy and I also shared a savoury crepe that had free range egg, cheese, mushrooms and ham (also below). It was really good too, except I prefer sweet stuff a lot more to savoury stuff haha. The waitress was totally judging us when we ordered 3 crepes between the 2 of us though heh 😛 It really doesn’t seem to be an ang moh thing to share food..but asian culture is really “order a few dishes and everyone share so we can try a little of everything” and I like it that way!





anyway after that we walked down to buy Gong Cha and OMG HERE IS WHERE I GET TOTALLY EXCITED…HOT STAR CHICKEN IS OPENING NEXT TO GONG CHA!!! HOT STAR!!!! Hot Star is totally my favourite fried chicken place ever!! It beats Shihlin’s chicken (which tends to be a little dry) anytime! Super cannot wait for Hot Star to open lor <333333 anyway the Gong Cha outlet at Elizabeth Street was having a 1-for-1 promotion cos it’d just opened. The queue was zzzzzz damn long. Somehow we ended up waiting for over an hour because of some cock-up in service and communication, apparently our drinks were ready long ago and we waited for nothing pfft. 

Wanted to try the deserts at Le Petit Gateau, but they were sold out by the time we got there D: so we went to Ganache on Collins Street instead. We shared some platter thing (platters are really awesome cos we get to try a variety of different desserts hehe) and a pot of earl grey tea. Anyway the only things I remember from the platter is the lemon tart (hidden behind the gelato lol) and the lavender macaron. 




The highlight of our day (and the main reason why we were meeting today) were the durian mooncakes! Mid-autumn festival is on the 19th of September but we decided to celebrate it over the weekend^^. Tomorrow we’ll be meeting Jo to nom on the normal mooncakes, but Jo hates durian so Tjy and I had that today! We wanted to get both mooncakes from Maxim’s but they’d sold out on the snowskin durian ones D:. But luckily for us, Hometown Asian Supermarket along Elizabeth Street had them (whew..). They ones they sold were snowskin durian and mung bean (green bean?) paste though. It tasted quite good actually!Image


Seems like every Friday all Tjy and I do is eat..and eat..and eat somemore! At least we kinda make up for it by walking quite a lot hahaha. 


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