of essays and assignments

Woohoo it’s only 5 days till the official end of my first semester in RMIT!!!! I have 1 reflection journal assignment due this Friday, and 2 essays due on Monday and….I’VE FINISHED 2/3 OF THEM YAY!!! Just have to finish my last (2k words) essay and i am DONE!!

How is it that I’ve never realised how great it feels to finish my assignments early?? Should have done this more often in Poly hahaha. 

anyway it is also 8 days to the day i fly home 😀 can’t wait to see all my family and friends back home. and food. FOOOOODDD! i miss SG food soooooo much i’m going to stuff myself silly with hokkien mee and char kway tiao and carrot cake sticks and prawn noodles and everythinggggg! #peoplecomemelbournegetfatigobackSGgetfatlol 

but of course, i’m gonna miss all the friends i’ve made over here as well 😦 sighs


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