No rest

Think this will be my first holidays that I have very little rest/time to myself hahaa. Even working part time didn’t feel so tiring LOL! Spent an awesome week at Gold Coast with a couple of friends! Had so much fun! Except that we were waking up super early (by my standards haha) every day to go to the themeparks/go out on roadtrips. I miss the weather in Gold Coast too sigh, why is Melbourne so cold:( totally fell sick with a sore throat and a half runny, half blocked nose 2 days after I came back lol.


Apparently I need to be a more active photo-taker lol. Couldn’t find a pic of the 5 of us on my phone, so I stole this from Tea’s insta HAHA!

Deb is finally in Melbourne hahaa, past few days have been spent bringing her around to the malls while she does some intense shopping. We went to the Melbourne zoo too, but it was quite meh..actually I think most zoo’s I’ve been to are quite meh, like really cannot compare to Singapore zoo hahaha.


Plans for next few days – more shopping for deb hahaha this girl is crazy lol!
Xix will be arriving on Thurs! Excites haha. Haven’t seen her in so long. Gonna watch Wicked musical! And do a road trip up to Mornington, which reminds me, I haven’t booked the car yet.
And then, it will be Sydney and Cairns with the girls 🙂 Can’t wait!

School starts immediately after we come back from Cairns, sigh. But then, just one more semester to go before I graduate and return to Singapore!!! Time really passed so quickly, it’s alrdy been a year wow. I hope I pass this semester lol. And I hope I get a good timetable for my final semester too haha.


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