Whoops it’s been so long since I’ve blogged here haha. 

I’m halfway into the last semester of my uni life (which is really, quite short lol) and next week is already going to be our mid-semester break! I told my parents that, and my mum’s reaction was: “break again? it’s like you just started your term.” hahaha! but yes, time really passed very quickly, not just this sem, but this entire year!

I think I have too many conflicting feelings inside that half the time I feel so confused hahaa. I can’t wait to go back to Singapore, but at the same time I’m really going to miss Melbourne and the freedom I have here hahaa. I’m also really quite excited about graduating and ending my study life (no I do not intend to go on to do Honours or Masters.), but I’m also really afraid of entering working life. Sometimes I really feel so useless and that I can’t do anything right, I feel like nobody will want to hire someone like me, or that if they do, they will end up regretting after they see how useless I am lol. It’s also because of this that I always put off doing my assignments. It’s like I read my assignment question, and then i realise I have no idea how to start of what to do, and I start panicking and feeling stupid for not understanding, and so I put it off as late as I possibly can. :(. Okay sorry I’m rambling. I stop. hahaha. I’m really only writing this cos I don’t really feel like doing my readings heh.


Today’s also been a pretty exciting day hehheh! Went out for lunch and tea with some friends, and then watched Infernal Affairs (for the first time) with Dan cos it’s our Asian Cinemas film of the week. I was damn confused the entire show lol I think we’ll have to watch it again. Okay fine the day itself is not super exciting, but I did hear some exciting news hahaha 😀 hmmm..


at what point is it okay for me to stop caring anymore. maybe it’s just me. I feel like all i do is hurt people. 


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