My friends are going back to Melbourne already damn :(. One is leaving tonight, another is leaving tomorrow night. I actually quite miss Melbourne. Mostly I miss the freedom I have there. And the weather.

Anyway, the CNY weekend is over, and I’m glad because that means I don’t have to go visiting again. I don’t understand why we have to go visit the same people so many times at different houses lol. But I got to watch Ah Boys to Frogmen hahaha so that was good.

An old friend from the company I was interning at last year called me up yesterday to ask if they could use my room for filming on Thursday morning. And then he said his friend (and I’m assuming the boss) was looking for a PA for the next couple of months. I was really tempted to take up his offer. I think I can safely say the production work and being on set will always be my first love, but I think it’s just not something I’m looking at doing full time as a career for the rest of my life. But after much deliberating and talking to people, I decided to turn it down and do an internship in church instead. I don’t know how this will turn out for me and/or if it will even do any good, but I have a strong feeling about this one and hopefully it’s the right choice 🙂 At least I’m taking a step forward in my move towards being a social worker.

Also, I’m still sad that punggol clinic wasn’t open on Monday and I travelled there for nothing meh. Even more sore that it’s closed till the 27th. Walao my face damn jialat already can 😦 how to 见人 on Thursday sigh. Spam concealer and bb cream sua.


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