So I turned 23 on Friday. Really thankful to have been able to celebrate together with friends, colleagues, and family!

Went to the Night Safari with 2/3 of our Melbourne gang. The last time I came here was probably when I was really really little hahaha. Tickets were siao ex, but I had fun! Actually saw quite a lot of animals also, so was quite surprised cos many ppl have been telling me that they couldn’t see anything!

and then I met Tea for lunch at OC one day! Ate at Tanuki. Food’s not bad, but Sumiya wins hands down!


My actual birthday was on Friday, but Friday happens to be my full working day (9-5.30pm, and youth SG at night) so I was in church most of the day haha. We went to this Thai restaurant nearby, and then back at the office they surprised me with a cake hahaha (I really did not see that coming!). None of the pictures are with me.. 😦

and then yesterday night, I had dinner with my family and godparents at Uncle Leong Seafood in Punggol! and of course, my family happens to be the type that take more pictures of food than people..so here’s the only picture I have of that night, courtesy of my brother..LOL actually we took this picture to send to my sister who’s working in Shanghai.
This is the Shimmering sand crab! damn yummy!!! I have no idea what sauce it is but it is damn good.


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