The thing that gets me upset and hurt the most when I talk to people nowadays, is when they start talking about relationships. Specifically when it’s about my relationship (or lack of it).

If I tell people I’m not attached, I don’t understand why they feel the absolute need to ask questions like “Why? Got no guys around you meh? Church don’t have meh?” or the worse one yet, “Huh, you so pretty why don’t have boyfriend? Cannot be!” Is that supposed to make me feel better about myself, telling me I’m pretty? Because it’s really not working. It’s like they’re not-so-subtly hinting that there’s something majorly wrong with me.

I already have enough self doubts as it is, I don’t need anyone giving me comments such as this to make me feel even worse than I already do. Because the immediate thought that comes to my mind whenever I hear something like that is “Is there really something wrong with me? Is there some major character flaw that I have and don’t know about?”

Well if there is, then please tell me so I can change. Don’t leave me hanging there feeling bad about myself. If not, then don’t even say things like that that can hurt people. I’m sure you may be well-meaning and not have any bad intentions, but put yourself in the shoes of people you’re talking to.


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