Jurassic World!


So I finally got to watch Jurassic World today! and after so much anticipation, all I can say is: IT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD! IT WAS EPIC! Probably my second fav from the franchise (The first movie will always be the best, no?). But omg I was seriously having chills from start to end..

WARNING: Major spoilers below!!

1. Within the first 10 minutes..once the iconic Jurassic theme song started playing. and then throughout the movie, basically every time that song appeared.

2. When Dr Henry Wu appeared! I immediately went, OMG that guy!!! from the first movie!!!

3. Raptorsssss!! and how cute they all have names hahaha!

4. The dead Apatosaurus’. I always thought they were called Brontosaurus…(oh I googled and apparently they’re the same thing)

5. When the brothers stumbled on the old Park Visitor Centre (from the first movie). I half expected the raptor image on the wall to move when the boys touched it LOL! oh, and hello night vision goggles (from the first movie too!)

6. When Owen realised the Indominus was part raptor (!!! oh. shit. shit. SHIT.) okay I’m probably abit slow here..looking back, that was probably an obvious thing to do..but still.

7. When Owen regained the raptors’ trust (major Awwwww moment there!)


See that’s basically the entire movie there that I was having the chills for and being on the edge of my seat. I want more. and apparently Chris Pratt has signed up for more Jurassic World sequels!!!! YAY!! These movies are basically my childhood (along with the Mummy franchise..but the last Mummy movie was totally lame.) okay!! I don’t understand why people are saying it’s scary hahaha!

I really liked that they put some humour in JW. In the first 3 there was basically nothing to laugh at. at all. Although, one major gripe I have is the 3D effects. It had so much potential..but the 3D was really quite meh I think..was hoping it would be more like the Shrek show in USS kinda 3D, with dinosaurs popping out in my face, that kinda thing..but nope. Could have watched the normal 2D version and my entire movie experience would have been just about the same.

Also, I think one major lesson I’ve learnt after watching the franchise..if you own/are working in a theme park (anywhere, really) that is potentially dangerous, do NOT bring your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews there. Because the animals will ALWAYS choose that day to escape..ALWAYS.

I’m sorry I have to give so many spoilers here, but no one else seems to share my excitement about the movie (meh..) except maybe my brother haha.


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