Last day

So today was officially my last day working as a part time waitress. It’s been a good 5 years since I’ve been in the service industry and I think I can safely say that I’ve seen all. kinds. of. people. Like for real lol. I think now is a good time to quit before I start to get even more jaded.

I remember in the first 2 years or so that I worked, I really did become more patient after dealing with certain customers..but now after 5 years, I find myself getting annoyed and pissed off more often, even to the point of almost losing my temper. The way some customers act can really make you lose your faith in humanity (cliche as that phrase sounds, it’s true though)

But of course, there were also many nice customers who can really make your day.

All I can say is, there’s a bittersweet feeling about leaving a job that you’ve done for so long. Can’t hate it, can’t love it lol. But really, it’s been a good 5 years. And now it’s time to look forward to a new chapter of full time work in my life 🙂


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