Let us pray, not just for France, but also for Beirut (Lebanon) and Baghdad. These two countries had also experienced terror attacks just the day before the bombings and attacked happened in Paris…but they were not reported widely in the news. What makes these countries any less worthy of our prayers?

Let us pray, not just for France, but for the civil war that is still happening in Syria, where 12 million Syrians (half of which are children) have fled their homes due to conflict. Where winter is approaching, but they do not have proper shelters or clothing to protect themselves from the weather. What makes them any less worthy of our prayers?

Let us pray, not just for France, but for the world. We are living in a world where sin and corruption is abundant. Where people, with the poor excuse of religion, have no qualms about murdering and killing other people. We pray for the victims, why do we not pray for the attackers too? Are they any less of a human being than us? Are they less worthy of our prayers?

I’ve honestly been quite shaken from reading the news from the past couple of days. Mostly because i have a friend in Paris. A friend that I’ve made during my time onboard Logos Hope. Yesterday when I woke up, I opened my email and the first thing I saw was an email from a friend from our STEP programme, asking about the safety of this friend from Paris. I was stunned, and had no idea what was going on. After catching myself up with the news, I started praying for my friend, that she would be safe, and for the people in Paris, that God would bring comfort to them. When the email from our friend finally came, updating us that she was alright and had gotten home before the attacks happened, I was filled with relief. And as I scrolled through Facebook and Instagram, I saw people posting hashtags and adding a filter to their profile pictures in support of France. After awhile, other articles surfaced, articles about Beirut and Baghdad and how they had also experienced the same terror attacks, but were not reported widely in mainstream media. And I felt guilty, guilty that I had only cared about France because I had a friend there. And then I realised that in the past, I hadn’t really cared about reports such as this..simply because it did not affect me personally. And immediately I felt guilty and selfish.

Father, I pray for everything that is happening in the world right now. Father we do not know, and will probably never know why you have allowed such horrible things to happen, why so many innocent people are being killed. But Father, we trust that it is all under your control, and that you have allowed them to happen for a reason. Father, you have created us, and loved us, loved us enough to send your only Son to die on the cross for our sis. You love us enough to give us free will, only for us to turn against each other and commit crimes against each other. I’m sorry Lord. Father I pray for the people in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, Syria and other cities and countries I may not know about, I pray that the people will find comfort in you Lord, that they will place their hope in you Lord. I pray for protection over them against any other attacks. And Lord, for the people who have committed these acts, I pray that you will somehow open their eyes, so that they may see that what they are doing is wrong, that they may see that what they believe in is wrong. I pray that we will stop playing the blame game, that we will stop looking at each other with prejudiced lenses, and stop blaming any particular group of people for what is happening, But that instead, we will use this opportunity to come together and unite as your people. 

Lord my words are inadequate in expressing my thoughts and feelings, and my mind is muddled. I do not know how else to pray. But Lord, in all, Your will be done. 


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