I guess this is it then, the final goodbye.

You have done well, Kim Jonghyun.



Sometimes, a case referral comes in, and it just hits a little too close to home.

One Night with My Niece

So last night, I went over to put Thea to bed (brother and sis-in-law had gone out for dinner and a movie).

7.20pm: Time to bring Thea home (from my place) for her bedtime. Went through her usual rituals – Hug and kiss ye ye(爷爷 ), nai nai (奶奶), and po dou (婆逗). She picked out one of my sandals for me to wear, managed to convince her to let me wear my slippers instead lol!

7.30pm: Finally out of the door.
me: Thea come, gu gu (姑姑) carry you down?
T: no.

me: Piggy back?
T: no.
(proceeds to hold my hand and walk down the stairs)
me: sigh this is going to take awhile..

7.45pm: We reach the foot of her block (they live in the block of flats next to mine). Realised I forgot to bring their house keys. darn.

8pm: Finally entered her house. She runs to let Candy (the dog) out of her cage. And then waits for me to pass her Candy’s food bowl, before running over to the Kibbles box. She scoops out 3 scoops of Kibbles, and very carefully carries the bowl over to Candy’s eating spot. Meanwhile, Candy is salivating..probably thinking why this little human is taking so long lol!

8.05pm: Made Thea’s milk and brought her to her room. Switched off the lights and switched on the air con. Laid next to her. Tried not to fall asleep.

8.15pm: She finished her milk. But she’s not asleep yet!

T: mooshic. mooshic! MOOSHIC!
Me: ???
Me: Oh! Music! Okay. 
(Climbs out of bed to switch on her music — so her baby monitor is quite ups lol, can play nursery rhymes..each cycle lasts about 15 minutes, I think)

8.16pm: Climbed back into bed. Just about to close my eyes when suddenly,

T: Pooh bear! Pooh bear!
Me: *mutters* oh god.
Me: Okok I go find! 
(searches the entire house, fails to find Pooh bear. Meanwhile, door to her bedroom is slowly swinging shut. She cries. I panic.)
Me: Thea, gugu can’t find Pooh bear! (sees a stuffed rabbit at the head of her bed) Can you hug rabbit instead?
T: No!
Me: *sigh* Okay, wait ah. I ask pa pa where’s Pooh bear okay?
(Finally locates Pooh bear)

8.30pm: The music stops.

T: mooshic!
Me: I’m on it!


T: Hi Mi Ow. Hi Mi Ow!
Me: Whut?? (Thinks she’s just babbling nonsense, and so I ignore her)
T: Hi Mi Ow!!
Me: o.o
Me: omg is she talking to herself?? to someone?? is she saying Hi meow?! omg help!
T: Hi Mi Now!
Me: …………..
Me: OH OH! Hide Me Now? You want me to sing Hide Me Now?
Me: (proceeds to sing)
T: Again!
Me: (sings)
T: Again!
Me: (hums the song)
(At this point, her baby monitor music stops)
T: MOOSHIC! (I turn on the music again and crawls back into bed)
T: Hi Mi Ow!
Me: (hums) (thinks to myself: when does this stop??)

At some point, I fall asleep lol. I assume she fell asleep too shortly after.

10.30pm: I wake up. I need to pee. I very carefully climb out of bed, and try to open the room door quietly.

I failed. She stirs. I freeze.
T: Du du? (She calls me that because she can’t pronounce the ‘g’ sound)
Me: *turns around and walks over* Hi! Thea, can gu gu go to the toilet?
T: *thinks* okay.

10.35pm: I crawl back into bed.

Me: Okay come let’s go back to sleep
T: …
T: mooshic.
Me: *omg* 
(goes to switch it on)

Thankfully, this time she falls back asleep quite quickly.




I’ve been feeling really, really bored the past few days! It got so bad that last night, I actually had a random itch to do math problem sums LOL and I even entertained the thought of going down to Popular and buying a math assessment book. Something wrong with me hahaha!

But seriously though..I think this has got to do with my life on the ship heh. Before going on the ship, I know I could have done what I’m doing now and not have a problem with I can nua and laze in bed all day doing nothing for weeks and not be bored. But life on the ship was always so fast paced..there was something to do all the time. From working, to going out to do ministry, or even the many community events we have at night/during sailing. After having that kind of lifestyle for 3 months, it seems harder to just nua and do nothing at home lol..time to look for a job..meh.


Seriously getting old already LOL! Used to be able yo work 5-6 days a week when I was at dempsey and poulet..but working 4-5 days a week at menya the past mth has really drained me so much. Every night Im dead tired when I get home..every morning I drag myself to work..sigh..

Jurassic World!


So I finally got to watch Jurassic World today! and after so much anticipation, all I can say is: IT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD! IT WAS EPIC! Probably my second fav from the franchise (The first movie will always be the best, no?). But omg I was seriously having chills from start to end..

WARNING: Major spoilers below!!

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So I turned 23 on Friday. Really thankful to have been able to celebrate together with friends, colleagues, and family!

Went to the Night Safari with 2/3 of our Melbourne gang. The last time I came here was probably when I was really really little hahaha. Tickets were siao ex, but I had fun! Actually saw quite a lot of animals also, so was quite surprised cos many ppl have been telling me that they couldn’t see anything!

and then I met Tea for lunch at OC one day! Ate at Tanuki. Food’s not bad, but Sumiya wins hands down!


My actual birthday was on Friday, but Friday happens to be my full working day (9-5.30pm, and youth SG at night) so I was in church most of the day haha. We went to this Thai restaurant nearby, and then back at the office they surprised me with a cake hahaha (I really did not see that coming!). None of the pictures are with me.. 😦

and then yesterday night, I had dinner with my family and godparents at Uncle Leong Seafood in Punggol! and of course, my family happens to be the type that take more pictures of food than here’s the only picture I have of that night, courtesy of my brother..LOL actually we took this picture to send to my sister who’s working in Shanghai.
This is the Shimmering sand crab! damn yummy!!! I have no idea what sauce it is but it is damn good.