Live alone….? Nah..

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to move out and live on my own in future..I mean not that I ever thought that I would. It’s not even been a day since Dan left to go back to Singapore, but I’m already missing her lol! The house feels so empty. I don’t think I like being in a house alone by myself. Something about it just scared me hahaha. Don’t know why I just find it eerie that I’m alone at home (and no, I have not watched horror shows about being home alone, so no, that’s not the reason). You might think that I should be used to it by now, but again no, last year was different. Yes, I had a room to myself and was mostly alone in my room, by myself. But I knew there were 14 other housemates and there was simply no way that I was ever alone at home at any point of time haha! It’s not just here in Melbourne, even back home in Singapore, during the rare instances when there was no one else at home but me, I didn’t like it either. I would normally blast music (loud enough that I would be able to hear it from whichever corner of the house I went to lol!). So yeah, I’ve come to the conclusion that, I will never be able to live alone. I think the scariest part is, what if I have another sleep paralysis attack while I’m alone 😦 But okay, I just wrote this post because I didn’t feel like writing my report (which I actually should have finished and submitted to my members this afternoon haha).. must go back to work sigh. This is so painful, I really can’t wait for this whole thing to be over. Gold Coast, please come soon. tyvm okthxbye. Oh right, also, I was quite happy ytd afternoon because my period came and for once, I wasn’t cramping LOL! But then..I was too happy too early. The cramps came last night fml lol.