Food of the Day #FotD




Other people have Outfit of the Day (OotD), I have FotD (Food of the Day)! Both yesterday and today, we were at Fitzroy.

Creme Brulee Gelato from N2!! Everybody should try this at least is THAT good




My maiden coffee in Melbourne was from Proud Mary:





this is actually from last night when Jo, Tjy and I were celebrating an early 中秋节 cos we will be too busy next week. We bought a box of 4, shared 1 last night and each brought 1 home. Must slowly eat my mooncake and make my $12 (per mooncake) worth it!




Today I realised that Hua Diao Jiu (a chinese wine commonly used for cooking) makes any dish taste great! I boiled a chicken intending to cook macaroni, but even after adding onions, carrots, cabbage and even chicken stock into the pot, the soup just didn’t taste that nice. Then I remembered that someone had left a bottle of 花雕酒 in the sharing cabinet ^^. and omg the soup tasted perfect after that! 

Didn’t take pictures cos I was too hungry..didn’t have lunch today since I was in a rush. Anyway, chicken macaroni is one of those “looks normal, tastes super yummy” kinda dish hahaha!