So last week I started work at Eyecon Production(s). It’s been quite fun so far haha. Just been doing auditions to cast people for a new drama that we’re filming for Mediacorp. Think I will really be able to learn a lot during my 3 months here which is good :D. Plus, the people here are really nice too! 

Oh, and I got pulled in to help out at another filming tomorrow hehe so excited! 

And I’m gonna watch Hunger Games Catching Fire tonight with Dan, Ziying and Fel! It’s gonna be a good week^^



Feeling so happy these few days 🙂

Had a nice day out with Jo and Tjy at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens yesterday! We bought food (sushi, pies, macarons and tidbits) and picnic-ed on the grass at the gardens. It was nice to just lie down there and listen to music and talk nonsense and put our worries and assignments away. Thank God the weather was really good too!

Today I went to a friend’s house after church and we watched Pitch Perfect and played board games. I haven’t had so much fun in a very long time 😀