A day in the life of the rich

So I’m on holiday in Cebu with my parents for a week. We originally wanted to go visit my sister in Hong Kong/Shanghai, but my mum couldn’t take leave for so long, so we decided to visit che che Lovely – the domestic helper that took care of me for 12 years since I was 2 years old. And it so happens that her husband, Glen, is a manager of this very exclusive boutique resort in Mactan. So he arranged for us to stay one night in one of the villas (Abaca only has 9 suites and villas in total!!). And that’s how we got to stay in heaven.

12pm: A driver picks us up at our current hotel to bring us to Abaca resort (That’s. Just. Next. Door. Like literally). Cold hand towels are given to us.

12.10pm: We are directed to the restaurant to wait while our room is getting prepared. We are served lime juice and egg rolls (love letters) while we sit on the sofa and gazed out into the ocean played games on our phones.


Restaurant sofa with a view

12.30pm: we step into heaven..


Huge and spacious villa



Even had our own big balcony

1pm: Glen arranged for us to go on a dive/snorkelling trip. We are driven to the dive company in Shangri-La hotel just nearby. May I add that the Shangri-La compound is huuuuuuuge! Like they even have their on jetty and dive centre!

1.30pm: I suit up in my wetsuit and collect my gears, and we get on the boat. Its a 45 minute boat ride to the dive spot.

2.15pm: Time to jump in!


Putting on my fins and getting ready


Just before stepping off


Getting ready to go down. Excites!!

Parents snorkelled around while I was down under. The waters were really clear and we (dive guide and I) saw many many things! Spotted 2 eagle rays too which are apparently very rare! Dive guide was so excited when he came up he told everyone at the dive centre and they were all amazed hahaha! Oh and we were also attacked by a trigger fish lol..apparently it’s mating season now so he’s very territorial. Nothing we could do there except block and kick him away with our fins and swim away. He had very sharp teeth too 😦

3pm: it’s sad but I barely have enough air left in my tank so we have to surface and return to dry land.

3.45pm: we arrive back at the dive centre, and are told that Abaca has arranged for us to return via speedboat (!!!)


Riding a speedboat back to Abaca

4pm: we arrive back in Abaca in style! Cold hand towels await us again.

4.30pm: I’m just about to shower when the butler comes to inform us that Glen has arranged for a complimentary back and foot massage for us in the spa! So off we go again lol!

5.30pm: I can finally have my bathe. I feel clean again.

6.30pm: Che che Lovely arrives with Ylen (her daughter). G Jay is at home with the maid :(. We go for dinner at the resort restaurant. The restaurant is so high end that the chef comes out to take our orders personally, and even serves the last dish himself. Food is fantastic too!

11pm: I retire early for the night.

8.30am: We go for breakfast in the restaurant again. I’m still getting used to having people pull out and push in my chair for me. I still end up being a total klutz and sit down very chor lor-ly.

10am: We’re now getting ready to leave for Bohol. Damn I’m going to miss this place. Life is good when you’re rich. But for now, it’s back to reality..