SHINee Comeback!!!!

OMG!!! BEST. NEWS. EVA. My boys are finally having their comebacks!!! First korean comeback in 1 and a half years!

But walao..SM…is this the best you could give us for a teaser?? What’s that!! I don’t want to see a girl dancing in her short shorts. I want to see my boys! 😦

May 18 ❤


Upside Down

I’m hungry lol. My sleep cycle is seriously screwed these couple of weeks hahaha. It’s upside down. I’ve been sleeping at 7/8am and waking up in the late afternoon/evening lol. The only exception is probably yesterday, when I went out with Tjy hahaha. I think we had quite a lot of fun! we were supposed to go to this food trailer park, and it ended up being a food trail lol! We ate so much. But anyway, I think my brain just refuses to work in the day time and I can only do work at night *meh* this sucks.

On the bright side, it is (almost) over. Almost. I just have 1 essay and 1 learning report left and I’m done! The essay’s due tomorrow (or later..actually) and I’ve only just started LOL! I feel so lazy to write though, wish someone would write it for me haha.

I can almost taste the freedom hehe 😀

Exactly one more week and I’ll be on the plane to Gold Coast! Can’t wait!

These days I’ve been listening to Some by Soyu & JungGiGo, it’s such a nice sweet duet ❤ and the lyrics are so cute too haha. I think most of us can definitely relate to the lyrics. I know I definitely can. Not at present of course, but once upon a time haha.

First heard this song on Roommate (great show by the way! and speaking of which, episode 6 needs to like, come out now..), hahaha Nana and Jo Se Ho were so cute lipsynching this song in the car! Couldn’t find a video with English subs, so here’s one with both English AND Viet subs LOL

Okay back to work sigh.

Tjy just tweeted me this: “hahaha ben and tjy’s guide to essay-writing: if you can’t convince, confuse” LOL I laughed. This is so true omg.