(almost) end of degree reflections

And so in approximately 19 days, I will be taking my last flight back from Melbourne to Singapore as a student. I really don’t know what to feel about this lol.

I’ve spent some of my best and happiest moments in Melbourne, made some of the best friends I’ve ever had, and created so many good memories that I can look back on many years down the road. I like to think I’ve grown so much during this time as well, learning how to live alone, learning how to live with a housemate (actually there wasn’t much learning involved in this haha since both Dan and I have super bo chup, or rather, similar personalities so there’s nothing we had to compromise about/nothing to argue about so to speak lol, and I’m really thankful for that). Melbourne was also where I could grow in my faith. I guess, living away from my family, I was forced to think about my life and my faith by myself, forced to make my own decisions, and was able to make a whole bunch of friends in church that have been so encouraging and loving.

But at the same time, it’s also where I’ve felt the loneliest I’ve probably ever felt in my life, away from my family and friends in Singapore. The first semester here was probably the hardest. Not having any friends in the same uni was hard because there was no one to turn to to help, no one to talk to if I’m lost, no one who would understand (what I’m talking about) when I wanted to rant and complain about school work.

I guess though, looking back, the good times definitely outweigh the bad, and I’ve really come to love this place that has been my home the past 1 and a half years. Of course, I don’t love it as much as Singapore HAHAHA.

Going home is something I’ve been looking forward to, but I can’t help but feel apprehensive, worried about my future in Singapore. The biggest worry probably is that I still haven’t figured what I want to do as a job when I return. Meh. But in the mean time, I guess my biggest worry right now should be finishing my 6 looming assignments (2 due each week from this week onwards), cleaning the house, and packing my stuff, all within the next 3 weeks lol. 加油 me.


of essays and assignments

Woohoo it’s only 5 days till the official end of my first semester in RMIT!!!! I have 1 reflection journal assignment due this Friday, and 2 essays due on Monday and….I’VE FINISHED 2/3 OF THEM YAY!!! Just have to finish my last (2k words) essay and i am DONE!!

How is it that I’ve never realised how great it feels to finish my assignments early?? Should have done this more often in Poly hahaha. 

anyway it is also 8 days to the day i fly home 😀 can’t wait to see all my family and friends back home. and food. FOOOOODDD! i miss SG food soooooo much i’m going to stuff myself silly with hokkien mee and char kway tiao and carrot cake sticks and prawn noodles and everythinggggg! #peoplecomemelbournegetfatigobackSGgetfatlol 

but of course, i’m gonna miss all the friends i’ve made over here as well 😦 sighs


Feeling so happy these few days 🙂

Had a nice day out with Jo and Tjy at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens yesterday! We bought food (sushi, pies, macarons and tidbits) and picnic-ed on the grass at the gardens. It was nice to just lie down there and listen to music and talk nonsense and put our worries and assignments away. Thank God the weather was really good too!

Today I went to a friend’s house after church and we watched Pitch Perfect and played board games. I haven’t had so much fun in a very long time 😀

Food of the Day #FotD




Other people have Outfit of the Day (OotD), I have FotD (Food of the Day)! Both yesterday and today, we were at Fitzroy.

Creme Brulee Gelato from N2!! Everybody should try this at least once..it is THAT good




My maiden coffee in Melbourne was from Proud Mary:





this is actually from last night when Jo, Tjy and I were celebrating an early 中秋节 cos we will be too busy next week. We bought a box of 4, shared 1 last night and each brought 1 home. Must slowly eat my mooncake and make my $12 (per mooncake) worth it!


Eat-a-lot Fridays

Fridays are our (Tjy and me) walk around Melbourne city and eat-a-lot days:)

We had lunch at Creperie le Triskel and the crepes there are omggggggg sooo good!!! We both ordered a sweet crepe each, and one savoury crepe to share. I had a salted caramel with banana and vanilla ice cream crepe (below) and it was so damn good :Q i’d totally go back for more!! Tjy and I also shared a savoury crepe that had free range egg, cheese, mushrooms and ham (also below). It was really good too, except I prefer sweet stuff a lot more to savoury stuff haha. The waitress was totally judging us when we ordered 3 crepes between the 2 of us though heh 😛 It really doesn’t seem to be an ang moh thing to share food..but asian culture is really “order a few dishes and everyone share so we can try a little of everything” and I like it that way!





anyway after that we walked down to buy Gong Cha and OMG HERE IS WHERE I GET TOTALLY EXCITED…HOT STAR CHICKEN IS OPENING NEXT TO GONG CHA!!! HOT STAR!!!! Hot Star is totally my favourite fried chicken place ever!! It beats Shihlin’s chicken (which tends to be a little dry) anytime! Super cannot wait for Hot Star to open lor <333333 anyway the Gong Cha outlet at Elizabeth Street was having a 1-for-1 promotion cos it’d just opened. The queue was zzzzzz damn long. Somehow we ended up waiting for over an hour because of some cock-up in service and communication, apparently our drinks were ready long ago and we waited for nothing pfft. 

Wanted to try the deserts at Le Petit Gateau, but they were sold out by the time we got there D: so we went to Ganache on Collins Street instead. We shared some platter thing (platters are really awesome cos we get to try a variety of different desserts hehe) and a pot of earl grey tea. Anyway the only things I remember from the platter is the lemon tart (hidden behind the gelato lol) and the lavender macaron. 




The highlight of our day (and the main reason why we were meeting today) were the durian mooncakes! Mid-autumn festival is on the 19th of September but we decided to celebrate it over the weekend^^. Tomorrow we’ll be meeting Jo to nom on the normal mooncakes, but Jo hates durian so Tjy and I had that today! We wanted to get both mooncakes from Maxim’s but they’d sold out on the snowskin durian ones D:. But luckily for us, Hometown Asian Supermarket along Elizabeth Street had them (whew..). They ones they sold were snowskin durian and mung bean (green bean?) paste though. It tasted quite good actually!Image


Seems like every Friday all Tjy and I do is eat..and eat..and eat somemore! At least we kinda make up for it by walking quite a lot hahaha. 


So after having my mini panic attack yesterday, I decided to come up with a game plan:) I divided up my assignments into the remaining weeks, and as long as I follow the plan closely, I will not need to do any last minute work, and will not have my usual end of semester emotional meltdown (which always happens at the end of the semester (duh!) when all the assignments starts piling up on me and I start feeling all depressed and moody and panicky at the thought of impending deadlines).

I really hope I’ll be able to follow the plan though *fingerscrossed*




and while I’m at it, here’s a picture of my (very messy) table. But believe me, my table at home is at least 10 times messier because I tend to dump all my stuff on it haha. So this one considered very good alrdy 0:)



Love my Singapore corner:) Got the flag and banner thingy from the Singapore national day event in August. The event itself was disappointing, but at least I got a flag HAHAHA! and spot my smurfs:))) They’re from Kinder Surprise! Tjy and Jo have been collecting their own sets too and now we’re all missing 1 smurf each. I need Papa Smurf!! Pleasepleaseplease lemme get Papa Smurf!!!! 

The Simba and Nala toys that my brother and Elaine got for me from Disneyland are so cute!! my brother bought Simba for me and Nala for Elaine, but she didnt want to separate them so she gave me Nala too LOL!). I bought Kai Kai & Jia Jia from the River Safari in SG (Kai Kai so cute, but Jia Jia kinda looks weird with the eyelashes, no? don’t ask me why I bought her anyway haha). The hedgehog toy was something that Nana bought for me:) Okay lah actually I made her buy it for me >:) I named him Prickles!

Actually the main point of the picture was to show off the 2 notes below my window hahaha. The one of the left was written by my mummy on the day that she left. I couldnt send her off to the airport because I had to go for class 😦 and when I came back, I found the note on my table (or bed..?) and started missing her like crazy and I cried buckets too that night. I guess it was just the sudden realisation that I was really going to be on my own for the next 4 months that made me so sad. The piece on the right was from Jo. It’s so sweet okay:’) She suddenly gave it to me on Sunday after church, and awkward me did not know how to react. I was really really touched but I just did not know how to express it to her haha. Anyway the words below the picture says “Never think that you’re going through things alone. Just as the sky is always above you, God will always be there with you. Look up.” Think it’s really really true, and I hope that everyone else who’s in the same situation as me will remember this whenever you feel lonely ❤

In case you wondering, the blue post-it notes are bible verses that I read while doing my QT and which I find very encouraging. Putting it up just above my study table helps me gain strength while doing my assignments:)

Aiyoh what am I doing..I’m supposed to be doing my backdated journal entries. Got distracted again sigh..

New beginnings..






Have decided to move here from Blogspot. Mostly because that blog is dead. And also because I privatised it since I realised my posts were very depressing and not stuff that I wanted people to see. Okay lah actually it’s because I was supposed to start up a blog to document one of my modules in school and I kinda got carried away..as usual. LOL. but I promise to be more active here!


Today is exactly 2 months since I’ve been in Melbourne. It’s been quite an experience so far and I’m really glad that I came. Of course, there are frequent times where I miss my family and friends and life back in Singapore, but I’m just really thankful that I’m not alone here:) It’s quite hard to adjust to a totally new country and it’s also hard to make new friends (especially for someone like me)..but I guess I still have the whole of next year haha. 

Okay think it’s time to concentrate on my essay lol. Bye~