Waitressing Woes

1. Last week, I was working at another outlet, and these 2 women (late 20s/early 30s) came in and sat down.

Customer (to friend): I want to order that..what’s it called ah? Oh! Skyjuice! (turns to me) excuse me! Skyjuice please!
Me (thinks to myself): Walao..act so atas for what…
Me: Oh. Plain water (i really emphasised these two words lol!) ah?
(Turned around and rolled eyes)

Okay lah I was a bit mean about this… but really? skyjuice?

2. This one I really cannot stand..and it ALWAYS happens to be the people from a certain country that I shall not mention.

So I’m standing near the entrance, and the customer(s) is/are looking at the menu. And they look up and start to enter the restaurant.
Me: Irasshaimase! Table for how many?
AND THE CUSTOMER(S) JUST IGNORE ME AND CONTINUE WALKING INTO THE RESTAURANT LIKE I DON’T EXIST. And very often, they go to sit at a table that is obviously too big for them (ie. they sit at a 4-seater table when they only have 2 people..) These kind I really don’t like and I’m sorry-not-sorry to say this, but they get the worse service from me. You want to be rude then okay lor..your problem.

3. Okay this one is what I’d call my worse customer ever. Like really, just thinking about it makes my blood boil..I don’t think I’ve ever been as angry/upset at a customer in the 5 years that I’ve been waitressing part-time. Like normally, I just have to rant about a bad customer once and I’m done. But I’ve ranted about this particular customer like 5 times and I’m still damn pissed off..

Customer: (with his 2 or 3 year old son and his maid) Can I order the cha shu tsukemen, 5x noodles (we offer free upsize of noodles up to 5 times for tsukemen orders). That’s all.
Me: Okay sure, but sir, just to inform you, there is no sharing allowed for the free upsize tsukemen, one person per order.
C: Oh…huh even if I’m sharing with my maid?
Me: Yes sir..
C: Oh..but I don’t buy expensive food for her…
Me: …. (at this point I was already quite “wth” alrdy) Okay..but still cannot share..
C: Okay..(looks at the menu again) what other food is cheap? I don’t like to buy expensive food for her..(looks at me) You know what I mean right?
Me: (at this point I was already very very pissed off..and had half a mind to tell him off. But I was working..so I kept quiet) … how about the cha shu ramen? Only about 12 dollars, I think it’s quite reasonable..
C: hmm..how much is a bowl of rice? Okay I’ll get a bowl of rice and the fish cakes!
Me: (nod and walks away)

LIKE SERIOUSLY WTH!!!! and the thing is..that bowl of rice and fish cakes cost like 8 or 9 dollars in total!!! JUST TOP UP 3 OR 4 DOLLARS SO SHE CAN HAVE A PROPER MEAL YOU WILL DIE AH! People travel so far away from their families just to earn that little bit of money..can’t you treat them a little better? And plus she’s helping you look after your son leh..what kind of values are you teaching your child…and worse still..all this is said RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS MAID! wah I really cannot…and I think I was really in quite a bad mood for the rest of the day..

Every day before I start work, I tell myself that I’ll be more patient, more understanding, and not get upset with customers so easily. But every once in awhile, a customer like that comes in and spoils everything.