Have been feeling quite homesick for quite a number of weeks already, ever since I came back to Melbourne after my grandfather’s funeral in April, actually. But somehow, today those feelings just intensified lol..i don’t know why either. Maybe my period coming LOL idk…Anyway, I’m listening to my ‘Singapore’ playlist now hahahaha. I don’t know how or whether that’s going to help my homesick feelings. I’m really excited for Gold Coast, but I also kinda wish I had more time so I could maybe go back to Singapore for awhile haha. Dan is going back this saturday, I’m sad 😦


Finished and submitted my first essay today. It was really really badly written I think…but you know how at some point of time, after you’ve been at it for hours, you just don’t really care anymore and just want to get the stupid thing over and done with? yeah it was like that lol. After awhile I was just writing to make the word count, I didn’t even know what I was writing anymore or whether I was even making that it’s a 50% essay too sigh. Hope I don’t fail. Oh wells, that’s over already haha. Just have 1 more essay and 2 learning reports and 2 group projects (that are almost done) left:)