Sometimes, a case referral comes in, and it just hits a little too close to home.


It’s been 6 months!

Oh wow time has really flown by this year…In the blink of an eye, I’ve already been working for 6 months! There’s really so much to give thanks to God for.

It is really amazing to see how He has sustained me and helped me all this time at work. Couple of examples:

  1. Times where it seemed like my cleaning session was going to be a mess, but things turned out well in the end.
  2. The time when I had high rate of volunteer and Champions (our regular volunteers) drop out, but everything kinda worked out in the end because there was also a homeowner who pulled out of the session last minute.
  3. The other time that there was a homeowner drop out last minute on cleaning day (just last week actually, lol), and we randomly met a Lions Befriender at the void deck, and he was able to help us approach 2 seniors on his list, and they were willing to let us go in and help clean their houses even though it was so last minute!
  4. Good work colleagues!!!!! Still think it’s really amazing how there is like no politics in our office! It’s most probably because everyone has the same goal in mind – to put God’s love into action, by bringing people together to build (or in our case, clean) homes, communities and hope.

Also, one thing that I really liked about starting work was, having time (and more importantly, money LOL!) to pursue interests and things that I never had the time to do before! I’ve managed to take up Guzheng lessons again (It’s been 8 long years since I’ve touched it in Secondary school), and I’ve also started gymming more regularly (trying to keep fit heh!) The downside, I guess, is that with all this extra money, I’ve also been online shopping a lot :/ bad habit that I really need to curb..

The other downside, and the far more important one, is that after starting all these activities, I’ve not been spending too much time with God, and it’s something I really really want to work on! Going to start setting aside time everyday to do my QT, read the word, and talk to God. Hoping to start reading more christian lit too..have bought so many books from Logos Hope, but it’s all just sitting on my shelf lol.

Father, I thank You for sustaining me all this time, and for helping me so much even though I’m so unworthy. Give me the discipline to set aside (and follow) time every day to spend with You, and grant me the desire to want to know You more and more.

Upside Down

I’m hungry lol. My sleep cycle is seriously screwed these couple of weeks hahaha. It’s upside down. I’ve been sleeping at 7/8am and waking up in the late afternoon/evening lol. The only exception is probably yesterday, when I went out with Tjy hahaha. I think we had quite a lot of fun! we were supposed to go to this food trailer park, and it ended up being a food trail lol! We ate so much. But anyway, I think my brain just refuses to work in the day time and I can only do work at night *meh* this sucks.

On the bright side, it is (almost) over. Almost. I just have 1 essay and 1 learning report left and I’m done! The essay’s due tomorrow (or later..actually) and I’ve only just started LOL! I feel so lazy to write though, wish someone would write it for me haha.

I can almost taste the freedom hehe 😀

Exactly one more week and I’ll be on the plane to Gold Coast! Can’t wait!

These days I’ve been listening to Some by Soyu & JungGiGo, it’s such a nice sweet duet ❤ and the lyrics are so cute too haha. I think most of us can definitely relate to the lyrics. I know I definitely can. Not at present of course, but once upon a time haha.

First heard this song on Roommate (great show by the way! and speaking of which, episode 6 needs to like, come out now..), hahaha Nana and Jo Se Ho were so cute lipsynching this song in the car! Couldn’t find a video with English subs, so here’s one with both English AND Viet subs LOL

Okay back to work sigh.

Tjy just tweeted me this: “hahaha ben and tjy’s guide to essay-writing: if you can’t convince, confuse” LOL I laughed. This is so true omg.


Have been feeling quite homesick for quite a number of weeks already, ever since I came back to Melbourne after my grandfather’s funeral in April, actually. But somehow, today those feelings just intensified lol..i don’t know why either. Maybe my period coming LOL idk…Anyway, I’m listening to my ‘Singapore’ playlist now hahahaha. I don’t know how or whether that’s going to help my homesick feelings. I’m really excited for Gold Coast, but I also kinda wish I had more time so I could maybe go back to Singapore for awhile haha. Dan is going back this saturday, I’m sad 😦


Finished and submitted my first essay today. It was really really badly written I think…but you know how at some point of time, after you’ve been at it for hours, you just don’t really care anymore and just want to get the stupid thing over and done with? yeah it was like that lol. After awhile I was just writing to make the word count, I didn’t even know what I was writing anymore or whether I was even making that it’s a 50% essay too sigh. Hope I don’t fail. Oh wells, that’s over already haha. Just have 1 more essay and 2 learning reports and 2 group projects (that are almost done) left:)